Thursday, January 21, 2010

Furniture Survives Hurrican Katrina

From time to time we receive letters from customers that have had unususual experiences relating to furnitiure they have purchased from us. Here's a story about some furniture that lived through as hurricane! This furniture was from our Coddington Square Collection.
Hi Gaye,

We are so very pleased to have saved the Century Furniture in our home that went through being submerged in 3 feet of water from Hurricane Katrina for several days in Slidell, Louisiana. The dining room Century Furniture was the only furniture to survive the storm's damage. I have attached photos of several of the pieces.

We saved the dining room table and chairs by removing them from the soaked oriental rug and placing them on the hardwood floor to dry out. Despite the intense heat of the house, the furniture dried perfectly.

We had to pull off the back of the Sideboard to remove water-soaked linens that caused the drawers to swell and seal. I used a solution of bleach and water to kill the mold and mildew that developed. The piece also dried to its original beautiful form. One drawer had to be re-built, but it's front piece remained in tact.

The dual china cabinets survived very well. The lower cabinet doors were in tact and I removed the water-filled china, etc, that the piece contained.

We are so very pleased that the furniture survived the devastation, and so grateful to the excellent craftsmanship and pride that Century puts into its products. The story of how the furniture survived is retold each time the family gathers for meals and holidays.

The days and months following Katrina have been very painful, but their is comfort knowing that we have not lost EVERYTHNG that is so dear to us. The Century furniture survived and will be handed down from generation to generation in our family.

Best Regards,

Ann and Luke Cutrone
Lafayette, LA 70508

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