Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Fourth of July from Century! 

(Bob Timberlake Camp Chairside Table in Barn Red T29-623)

Each year we dress head to toe in red, white and blue on the Fourth of July! Here are some of my favorite pieces that are dressed in red, white, and blue all year long! 

Bridgeton Desk in Cream (499-763)

 Omni Lamp Table in Lapis (559-639)

Chin Hua Lotus Door Chest in Garnet (699-705)

 Chin Hua Bijie Etagere in Chinese Blue (699-772)

 New Traditional Cocktail Table in Crimson (779-604)

Matlock Chair in Twilight (3108)

Charlotte Moss Lexington Table in Cloud (i29-306)

Tribeca Desk in Cream and Chinese Blue Interior (339-762)

Bob Timberlake High Rock Bed in French Blue (T29-156)

What is your favorite patriotic finish? 

Happy 4th of July! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From the Factory- A French Blue Finish Story

I love walking through our case factory.  Hearing the machines, smelling the sawdust, and seeing the hand work that goes into each and every piece is something to appreciate.  Our artisans, each and every one of them, are extremely skilled at what they do.  Whether buffing a dining table top to create the luster and shine,  hand painting gold leaf onto a cove molding or hand distressing with rocks and chains some of our casual pieces--the hours, labor and love that go into each piece of furniture is hard to communicate or even share with you, the end consumer.  The result is what we communicate, that finished piece that becomes a part of someone's home.  However what it took to make it...that is something that many people don't actually think about when they purchase a piece of furniture. 

That is why I love this series of posts, From the Factory.  I feel it brings you, the reader/designer/homeowner/sales associate a little closer to us.  What started as just an idea, has blossomed into a regular blog post and Pinterest Board where I try and highlight a few of the incredible finish combinations that we see coming through our factory in Hickory.  Hats off to all of our customers who are creating some truly unique and fabulous pieces of furniture, and hats off to our craftspeople for all the time they spend making them.

Here are a few highlights in our French Blue finish.  Enjoy, and happy creating!

T29-156 High Rock Bed from Timberlake Home
519-202 Conti Chest from our Coeur de France Collection

599-203 Consul Chest from our Consulate Collection shown in combination of French Blue and Desert

429-704 Swell Chest from Town & Country Collection

519-405M Bonnille Credenza with Marble Top

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014's Pantone Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid

Now more than ever people are becoming playful with their homes and how they decorate. Using color as an accent
is a great way to have fun without multiple trips to the paint store or costly mistakes.  You can live with
a throw pillow, occasional chair or ottoman for a while before you commit to paint or wallpaper.
So, whether you are in love with Radiant Orchid or just want a fling, hopefully we have given you a few
suggestions for how you can incorporate it easily into your home. 
Go Forth and Decorate!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Market to Market Journey: Phase 5


October market always goes as fast as comes. We made it to Market and the showroom was just sparkling. The showroom was filled with buyers and designer for five days and made this showroom very busy! When our design team completely finished the night before market, we all felt very accomplished and excited for market to begin.
This October Market for Century was filled with blues. You name it from cobalt to indigo, blue was everywhere. We paired all the blues with our dyed finishes in sapphire and lapis and it looked stunning!
Everyone went crazy over the lapis blue Milan dining table!

 Here are few more snapshots from the showroom...
I sure do love this new colorful print fabric!

Another favorite was the Omni dining table in desert top and smoke base!

I hope you made it to our showroom this market. If you did, let us know what was your favorite piece or room??