Friday, March 19, 2010

Asian Spice for the Decor

As the World continues to shrink, our sense of style and design becomes a blend of each
culture’s best elements. Forms from around the world begin appearing in our decors and provide a kind of “spice” or “seasoning” that enhances the flavor of the whole. Think of it as “fusion cuisine” for the home.

No spice is more important in your decorating cupboard than “Asian forms.” Since the earliest days of the “Silk Road” trade, we have been incorporating textile designs and furniture styling from Asia into both traditional and contemporary homes. This spring Century Furniture broadens the appeal of these stylistic cues by mixing them with fresh color palettes and a myriad of finish choices. Shown in different settings that span the full spectrum of their stylistic range, Century has again demonstrated that the best “spices” work well when mixed.

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