Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Have you ever found once inspiration strikes, you begin seeing reflections of the idea or image everywhere you look? Ever since seeing Jeffrey Bilhuber's living room, with its regal peacock, I have always thought what an extravagant and beautiful touch for a room's decor! (Photo Credit: Jeffrey Bhilhuber)

So when we discovered an peacock for sale at an Atlanta market we couldn't resist! Here's an image of our feathered friend perched in our New York showroom.

Too much? Definitely not and I am not alone in my love - I have been seeing peacocks and inspired by motifs throughout high end design.

(A table setting in the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, NV)

(D. Porthault's window display features a metallic peacock.)

(Punjab Peacock - A fabric from Iman Home. )

(A hand-painted peacock on silk from Jardin du Jour, available through Century Furniture Showrooms.)

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