Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dispatches from High Point - Flowers

Anyone who's been to High Point can tell you its like Disneyland for home design. In addition to seeing the latest products, it is a trove of inspiration for decoration. One of my favorite things to see is the floral arrangements - ranging from lavish to simple. Gives me great ideas to bring to my home and upcoming projects.

Here are just a few from the Century showroom - enjoy!

(Isn't this magnificent?)

(A grand arrangement: red roses, calla lilies, tall grass and thistle)

(When you look closely that you realize the flowers are set around a mirrored finial which gives a bit of shimmer and reflective qualities make the bouquet more lush.)

(Simple but the repetition of the 3 arrangements makes this so pleasing to the eye.)

(A classic setting with an unexpected and so simple arrangement.)

(Whispers of color in a grand arrangement set the tone for our foyer.)

(What a modern feeling arrangement.)

(A classic I never tire of - white phalaenopsis orchids in a pretty container. And so easy to do!)

(.... whether 1 or multiples!)

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