Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Traditional Home: July/August 2011

I loved this month's issue of Traditional Home, it was wonderful to see all the rooms from last year's Hampton Showhouse which Traditional Home sponsors. I am so excited for this year's showhouse, which opens on the 23rd of July. Our New York City showroom manager got a sneak peak last weekend and said it was amazing!

We had such a great experience at last year's showhouse, working with Nancy Pearson on the back porch. Pictured above, lower left corner; Nancy used our Riviera Collection (sectional and dining chair in foreground), mixing in one of our Chatsworth Web Dining Table. It was a gorgeous space and it was so nice to see it included in the spread.

Speaking of fabulous outdoor settings, how beautiful is Beverly Farrington's terrace in Huntsville, Alabama? I was admiring the story and then did a double take as I noticed our Orient Collection arm chairs (pictured above). What a great setting!

These chairs really are wonderful - so comfortable, great lines, 100% outdoor AND they are available in six different finishes.

Traditional Home always has really great market reports, showing a wide range of products - what's new and great. We were thrilled to have our Bob Timberlake Cabin Chair & Ottoman featured. What a fun chair, I love these personality pieces.

Don't miss Traditional Home's "Best of Showhouse" issue - its the next best thing to being there!!

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