Friday, October 26, 2012

From the Factory--October 2012

We continue to see amazing pieces come through our factories.  It is incredible to see the different finishes and fabrics and how they are being used on furniture.  For those of us in furniture and design, the finish line is literally like a mini runway. Every day is fashion week for the home. At any given point the most beautiful finish combination will be waltzing around the plant on its way to a home somewhere.

Each week I will post some of these pieces here under the header "From the Factory" for you to see.  You can also see them on our Pinterest board @

Hopefully they will inspire you the way they do us!

369-621 Side table from our Chelsea Club collection in Crimson lacquer! Beautiful and not so traditional anymore.

419-703 Paragon Club chest in our Old Gold finish

Our Omni 559-703 in a fabulous Black and white finish combination!

Imagine these in your foyer! What a statement!!