Monday, December 17, 2012

From the Factory--December's Sparkling Finishes

This time of year everything seems to sparkle just a little bit more.  People are friendlier, stores try just a little bit harder, and we all take just a little more time to enjoy everything around us.  In our factories we are busy trying to get out all of the holiday deadline orders.  It's amazing how this time of year really makes you focus on home, and making sure it too has that extra sparkle.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to send out a few examples of our sparkling furniture!  I think they are the perfect inspiration for this time of year and hope that you will think so too.
559-176 Omni Wave Bed shown in Platnium

419-703 Paragon Door Chest shown in Old Gold 

419-703 Paragon Door Chest shown in a combination finish with Block Silver leaf doors
599-203 Consul Chest from Consulate shown in our Sapphire finish
Happy Holidays to you all!  May this season sparkle for you and yours.