Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Sneak Peak of High Point Spring 2017

Fabrics, Leathers, and Textures! Oh My!

As the Spring High Point Market is quickly approaching, our creative team has been busy finding the perfect pieces of fabric for our new, spectacular pieces of furniture.

Walking into the "think tank", a meeting room in the Hickory office's where all our designer's creative juices flow, your eyes immediately dart to a long table filled with endless amounts of fabrics, textures, and inspiration. These incredibly, unique pieces of fabric begin to take you on a journey.

Our Sales Team meeting with the Creative Team in February to learn about our new fabrics and trends for Spring

The artfully packed table starts with "Subtle Romance Meets Relaxed Refinement" an "Freshly Focused", in an effort to find the perfect balance between both worlds. A lot of sea glass, soft gray, neutral, taupe, and pale green tones that evoke tranquility and calmness. The softer finishes, soft brass, and silver start to feel romantic and natural. After traveling to California, Ron was inspired by the tranquil color palette while strolling in and out of stores and restaurants.

"Subtle Romance meets Relaxed Refinement" & "Freshly Focused"

Cast your eye to the next section of the table and you will start to feel "Tranquil" by the soft lavender colors and undertones, creams, whites, and touches of deep-purple grey. It's a continuation of the relaxed refinement, but this is tranquil due to the painted finishes, metals, and glass. This emerging trend has a luxe quality to it.


"Bright and Balanced" will have you feeling happy and a smile will appear on your face. The colors are brighter and more intense than ever before, but still lend themselves to a coastal vibe. Your mind suddenly takes you to a Lilly Pulitzer store encompassing bright fuchsias, oranges, and lime green colors. These are used more as an accent, fed into plain colors to create the balance. It's a punctuated color story.

"Bright and Balanced"

At the end of the table, you reach the final destination; the "bazaar". It features tribal and exotic designs that were inspired by world travel. Ron shares, "Travel keeps you honest". He feels these eye-catching fabrics create the feeling of being well-traveled. These type of fabrics go well mixed into a neutral palette.


From pieces on a table to the final presentation, we can not wait for High Point Spring Market and the opportunity to share our new introductions with you!