Thursday, August 31, 2017

Behind the Scenes of our Deauville Outdoor Photo Shoot

This past week, we had our Deauville outdoor furniture collection photo shoot. And no, not even the rain can stop us from taking shots of our furniture. I think mother nature was trying to test our outdoor furniture and see how it can handle the rain.

The photo shoot was at an off-site location in Winston Salem. The house and of course the terrace and backyard were absolutely breathtaking. The concrete walls were covered with ivy, giving us the most picture perfect backdrop.

Once we found the place we liked for the we were going to take the shot, our photographer set up his equipment, his team moved the furniture to the location, and then our Showroom Design Manager, Ben, accessorized the scene by adding anything from planters to pitchers of sweet tea with freshly cut lemons. Once the scene was perfected, our photographer and his team adjusted the lighting to be sure it is a high quality image. This process was repeated with each shot we took all the while dodging rain showers. 

Here are some pictures from the shoot!

As you can see, the furniture and accessories get moved around until the shot looks just right!
We moved the table from the previous shot to the background of this image!
Adding the cushions!
Fully accessorized! Our photography team was blocking the light to make the shot.

We had to put trash bags on the lights to protect them from the rain!

Our team did a wonderful job getting beautiful shots of our Deauville outdoor furniture collection. Rain or shine, Century gets the job done!