Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall 2017 Lifestyle Report

This Fall, Century inspires with a range of colors and patterns from citrons and pale couture, persimmon and navy prints, classic black and white to boho blues. In a marketplace where consumers are king, Century continues to offer a breadth of style and fashion that allows their partners to sell all homes with personalization and distinction. In an ever changing landscape, this seventy year old family business continues to grow by expanding their product line, but still remains true to their core values of quality, impeccable design, and attention to detail. Awe-inspiring and innovative without being trendy, Century Furniture stands out as an eminent house of high end style.

Pattern Play

It's all about mixing pattern. We tend to focus on the notion that all interiors have to match, but it's much more exciting by taking risk in mixing and matching patterns. High contrast colors of grassy green, navy blues, and pops of persimmon mix to create a multi-pattern look. These bold, colorful patterns of geometric shapes and chinoiserie blend together effortlessly and unify one another, but can easily stand alone as accent pieces in the room. A perfect paradox!


Boho Blues

This color story of blues will take you on a journey around the world in your own home. A mixture of multicultural Indian block prints, casual stripes, and traditional Indian prints embraces how you live and where you have traveled. Each piece feels like an experience and tells its own story.

Classic Black & White
Chinoiserie décor + classic black and white textiles equals crisp and classic rooms. It is the white button down shirt and choker of home design. Confident yet youthful, fanciful and chic. You simply cannot get this wrong. Add in a touch of color for good measure just to keep them guessing.

They say impressionism captures a feeling or experience. Well, this story will have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud. Light and dreamy watercolors and patterns with subtle hints of citron to blend the pieces together.

Copper Elegance
Traditional fabrics are revisited in updated colors and textures breathing youth into patterns once relegated to the parlor. Damask reigns once more as the pattern for the home. Mixing in velvets, silks, and a touch of sparkle, these fabrics feel fresh and current. Coppery tones blend with gray and pale blues and work well with handsome dark wood stains to give rooms sophistication and elegance.

Pale Couture
Soft aquas, creams, and touches of citron mix to create a feminine backdrop. Ivory silks and velvets are complemented beautifully with hints of aqua and citron. This pale couture look is swoon worthy and makes an everlasting statement. These rooms feel soft and serene, but never sweet or cute. Feminine, but not delicate. Metal, Lucite, glass, and painted wood elements add a luxe quality that is present but understated.