Monday, November 13, 2017

Chase Away the Monday Blues

It's Monday.. the most dreaded day of the work week.  You've just traversed your way through traffic to your office, downed your first cup of coffee, listened to your co-workers weekend stories, turned on your computer, and are about to start tackling email.  Prepared for the onslaught of to-dos and weekly meetings. 

We feel ya. At Century we're feeling blue too, but our blues aren't something you want to chase away. In fact, our blues are rather uplifting. They may inspire. They sure as heck will beat that next email you are about to open. 

So go ahead. Take a peak at some of our favorite blues from High Point Furniture Market. Your emails can wait.

Fenton Chair (11-819)

Stanford Acrylic Chair (11-1054)

72" to 84" Skirted Armless Banquette (3380-4-SK)

Details Four Door Credenza (CR9-402)

Details Bar Cabinet (CR9-783)

Squire Ottoman (ESN201-12)

Ridley Chair (ESN222-6)

Joanna Chair (ESN291-6)

Cassidy Sofa (ESN296-2)

Jayson Sofa (ESN299-2)

Willis Swivel Chair (ESN300-8)

We hope this chased away your Monday blues.. Only 4 more days until Friday!