Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Accessories Inspired by the Sea

We have been receiving AMAZING feedback from the Hampton Designer Showhouse! Visitors are loving the Riviera sectional and the dining set. We also have received many inquiries wanting to purchase the porcelain, shell centerpiece that decorates the dining table. This hurricane (pictured below) is from Vellum New York and is created of fine, Italian porcelain. This piece and all of Vellum's fabulously, chic line are available through any of the Century Furniture Showrooms. Please contact your local showroom for more details or to see the entire collection.

Coral, shells and other objects from the sea are a classic accent for any type of decor (and for any season). Here are some of my favorite Century Furniture accessories and lamps inspired by the sea.

(White Coral Chandelier SKU#SA8023)

(Set of 20 Silver Shells SKU#SA6049)

(Shell Accessory Dish SKU#SA6028)

(Starfish Accessory Lamp SKU#SA8101)

(Barnicle Lamp SKU#SA8141)

(Shell Sconce SKU#SA6008)

Century's entire accessory, lighting and mirror collection can be viewed on our website and can be purchased at a local Century Furniture showroom or retailer.

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