Monday, July 15, 2013

Market to Market: Journey Phase One

Market goers stand awed and wide eyed every April and October as they drift through the Century Showroom. As with any “show”, there is always great preparation and hard work leading up to the great debut. In this blog series “Market to Market Jourey”, an insider’s view of what the months prior to market look like.

Although we still may be swooning over our favorite pieces and fabrics from last market, preparation for October market is far underway. Shortly after April market, Showtime, High Point’s Semi-Annual Fabric Market, begins the first week of June full of style and great new trends. Fabric, leather, and trimming vendors set up spaces and beautifully display their newest fabrics.

Trend Forecast by Showtime

Just like shopping at market for furniture, we begin our search for amazing new fabrics and trims! With appointments back to back, each day during Showtime is filled with viewing of fabrics. At each vendor, we request fabric samples of our favorite fabrics we saw. This Showtime we saw some gorgeous fabrics!! 

Valdese Weavers Showroom
Keystone Weavers Showroom
Keystone Weavers Showroom

By the end of showtime we have literally seen thousands and thousands of new fabrics! Before we start going through fabric samples, the creative team meets to brainstorm ideas for the showroom...

Shortly after Showtime, all of the fabrics that we selected begin to arrive! It’s like Christmas time, opening up all the boxes of our samples and starting to select fabrics for October Market. We have a lot of boxes to open and fabrics to start going through...

This place becomes a fabric frenzy!!

After we begin going through fabrics and refining our ideas, the team meets again. This time we form our concepts and tentative plans for each space. This showroom is getting ready to transform again! 

Stay tuned for what happens next in the Journey from Market to Market!