Monday, August 5, 2013

Market to Market Journey: Phase 2

 It's hard to believe it but before we know it October will be here again! In the showroom we are busy getting this place ready. We are clearing out furniture from April's furniture market and emptying rooms. During phase one we established our plan, and now in phase two we are making design decisions and executing the October market plan. 

With an overall concept and story for each room, we narrow down our fabrics and make selections. We've been on our hands and knees going through these piles of fabrics! 

This is where we started...piles of thousands of fabrics... 

and here is where we are boards for the spaces with the new fabrics and trims attached.  As each new fabric is selected, we group them together on design boards that represent the concept and lifestyle for each area of the showroom.  

With fabrics selected, it's time to start writing up orders. Here is our first market order! 

While we were busy selecting fabrics, projects have been moving along all throughout the showroom. From painting to removing wall paneling and even moving walls, there has been a lot happening in the Century Showroom. Don't you love the smell of fresh paint?!

Check in soon for the next phase on this Market to Market Journey!