Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From the Factory- July and August 2013

A lot has been happening in the factories this summer. We are seeing lots of projects coming in, and I dare say that people out there are really learning the art of living with color.  There is nothing more exciting to our team than to see pieces come down the finish line in finishes that we have not thought of using. It even inspires us to replicate it and show it to all of our buyers and designers at the next High Point market.

So if you have an order coming through with a spectacular finish combination, just keep your eyes out as you may just see us showcase it come October! Until then, enjoy these shots...

779-224 from New Traditional Collection in Apple Green
T29-621 from Timberlake Home Collection in Buttercup

599-305 from Consulate Collection in Black

599-401 from Consulate Collection in Zeppelin

699-203-2 from Chin Hua in a custom combination finish

419-223 from Paragon Collection in slate gray

559-208 from Omni Collection in Prairie and Platinum combination
And my personal favorite, 779-202 from New Traditional Collection in Sapphire!