Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Mesa Photoshoot

Recently, our designers, marketing team, and photographers joined up for an on location photo shoot for our newest collection, Mesa. Mesa was introduced last April market and has a unique look that really needed the perfect home for photography. We found just the home! 

We packed up the trucks with.. 
2 dining tables 
12 dining chairs 
1 sectional 
2 consoles 
4 chairs 
1 bed 
1 bench 
5 occasional tables 
boxes and boxes of accessories! 

Rounded up the team..
1 photographer 
4 grips
2 designers 
2 marketing folks 
2 adorable dogs (they belonged to the homeowners!)

We arrived to the home with our work cut out for us. We had a lot of furniture to shoot and rooms to set up! Once we got there, we started first thing and unloaded the truck.

Before we can begin loading our furniture in the home, we have to move the homeowners furniture. This involves taking photos of exactly where all of their things are so that we can put them back exactly as they were. Then we begin the set up for our first shot, the bedroom. 

After we set up the room, we look through the lens and make sure the composition of the frame looks good. Once the overall layout of the pieces and the room look great, our designers start styling the room with accessories while the photographer sets up lighting. 

After each shot, we all look at the photo on the computer screen and make sure everything looks perfect.

Dining room set up...Our designer is in the back styling the console piece. This home had beautiful natural lighting and amazing architecture!

After day one of shooting, we are exhausted! Leaving many of the the pieces left to shoot in the home, we are prepared for day two. 

Day two began with the living room. Out with the homeowners furniture, and in with a very large sectional! The room was the perfect size for this shot of living room and dining room. Lighting set, cushions and pillows fluffed, and ready to go!
Checking the screen for anything that needs adjusting!

After another long and productive day, we are finished! We captured some really great photos and it's time to move everything out and back on the trucks.

Look for the new Mesa catalog coming soon to see all the incredible photos we captured.