Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Market to Market Journey: Phase Four

We are rocking and rolling setting up the showroom in High Point! With just a few days to go, this place is coming together quickly!! We have been unloading trucks, propping, staging, laying rugs, cleaning, changing light bulbs... you name it! It takes a lot of man power and energy to set up this big showroom!
We have had trucks coming from Hickory almost daily, sometimes 2 or 3 in one day!

With the new pieces coming in, each space gets a little bit cramped, until it is set up.
We're so thankful for our team of hard working guys who move furniture for us all day long! They set up beds, tables, lay rugs... it's a lot of hard work!
We have about 80 rugs in this showroom...and those things are heavy!
With furniture in place, we get the creative juices flowing and start propping them with accessories. We have a lot of  blue going on here! Accessories help to pull out the colors in the spaces.

Some of the designers at work...
Here is Angelia contemplating her space. It is looking good!
Julie is mastering this cabinet and hanging artwork. It is looking very pretty!

Each bookcase and cabinet is like a composition to be balanced. Lots of different style props are used to create just the perfect look!

Come to the Century Showroom in Market Square to see it all finished!!