Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Market to Market Journey: Phase 5


October market always goes as fast as comes. We made it to Market and the showroom was just sparkling. The showroom was filled with buyers and designer for five days and made this showroom very busy! When our design team completely finished the night before market, we all felt very accomplished and excited for market to begin.
This October Market for Century was filled with blues. You name it from cobalt to indigo, blue was everywhere. We paired all the blues with our dyed finishes in sapphire and lapis and it looked stunning!
Everyone went crazy over the lapis blue Milan dining table!

 Here are few more snapshots from the showroom...
I sure do love this new colorful print fabric!

Another favorite was the Omni dining table in desert top and smoke base!

I hope you made it to our showroom this market. If you did, let us know what was your favorite piece or room??