Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Valentine's Day CEU

On February 14th, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Century held back to back CEUs with our Vice President of Upholstery, Phil Brown and Outdoor Director, Haynes King. Yes, that's right. Century had two CEUs in one day! We decided there was no way to to celebrate our love for Century Furniture than on the most romantic day of the year.

From left to right: Becky Brun (Arizona Sales Rep), Phil Brown, Lisa Qunitalino, and Haynes King 
Phil sharing ideas with designers.

Various types of leather Phil shared with attendees.

After the CEU, designers had lunch and we didn't forget the most important part, dessert!

Century "Valentine's Day" themed gift bags.

Who doesn't love roses and chocolates on Valentine's Day?!

A big thank you to Phil Brown, Haynes King, Becky Brun, Lisa Quintalino, Sue Robisch, and Inside Out Showroom for making this such a 'love'ly day!